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Getting it Right when thats almost impossible

My latest work The Eight Generations that Made the Lord God is like a masterpiece.   In a way the relationships of the people who made the Lord God represent the Common Law.


So almost everyone will agree who the apostles are and who the characters in the bible are, but this happened about 2000 years ago.  It is the authors thought that the Hebrew People viewed themselves as being invaded by the Romans, who were trying to impose their law over the Hebrew Law.   Therefore the Hebrew used many mirrors and confusion so the the Roman Authority would not know who was even in charge of the Hebrews.   The number of the name was used and is taught to the young candidates of Christianity to let them know the Roman Occupation was against the Christian Religion.   This proved true for 400 years with the early church giving people to the Lions in the Coleseum and other sacrifices.  If you got caught as a christian then you were killed.


So the author has printed something that reveals the relationships and secrets to the reader, and thru the years the original texts printed have had minor changes.


So the author has a tremendous feeling of guilt that the reader will take what was written as true and so have a tainted existence.   Some of the clergy would say that the book will become Heresy and that the author is publishing false doctrine.


Well no one else has stepped up to the plate to try to publish this.  Sorting thru the genealogies on the internet and finding all sorts of different views leads one to wonder.  In fact different what is called denominations believe different ways.   The author has heard that the Roman Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ have similar ideas about the relationships of Galilee, while the Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and the Military have different views as well as the Churches of the Primitive God etc...


Honestly this happened two thousand years ago and it only happened one way.   And to find out that Jonah was the father of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew is one thing.   It is almost always agreed that Salome was the wife of Zebedee.   It is not shown however that possibly there were two different wives named Salome and as in the chart printed there are about eight or more people named salome at the time.  And it was a surprise that Jonas may have had more than one wife.


This brings up the subject of Love.   Well if you are a parent you love your children usually with the heart.   Starr has the double r so the first two chambers of the heart can work together to make a sincopat.  The heart then makes a feeling of love.  Arithmea or heart rate increase will cause a feeling of love.  When a young man meets a young women and they start to get it on the instincts take over, the heart rates go up, and feeling of both is interpretted as love.  So the name Rachel of Arimathea and Anna of Arimathea and the deceit about the eungyneus is there so even in bars Rachel can make the young man have an arithmea when he looks at the long lady who will tighten her butt muscles and then the boy has a crush on the girl and will follow her around, buy her dinner, presents etc...  while the lady is looking to take him down to aisle to support her and make babies.


So you see publishing these things about these relationships if incorrect will cause alot of problems for those who make these arrangements for the people, and so the author has received valuble corrections from sources and has looked at what is right and so published his latest The Eight Generations that made the Lord God.


Of course if any of this does not agree with your interpretation just say anyone of the characters is a Saint and the Father or Reverend will look at it and say yes or no, which will depend on which type of Father or Reverend you ask to look at it.   Email me a correction there is a contact form on the website.


Further,  since the people of hte Hebrew wanted to show their religion is appropriate to the Emperor, with no incest, cousins marriage,  Aunt nephew marriages etc.    then the first pages with the many named the name of Mary, Ann, Salome, Joseph, James, John, Judas, etc...  can be presented as everyone is rather innocent.  But if the pages of the Hidden Kingdom where there is more than one wife, well then that is only acceptible if the first wife has passed away or is divorced, unless of course the Apostle is supposed to be illegitamate.   


So now that this is published the people who are determined to keep the innocent protected might try to interfere with freedom of the press that is in the United States and call this false doctrine.  Well I can truly say I believe most of it is right, and if there are a few minor things wrong then well hopefully they will not cause harm.  


So here is the book,   I hope you like it.   If you are already familiar with the common law then please read and send corrections, I will look at them.   


Another important disclaimer about this.   Well the author has a sister named Mary.   It is customary to raise the brother of Mary without any law, and send him to church as a fool.   Well that I can be.  Then whoever in church teaches the law to a fool will get a reward.   In this way alliances are made with other families and surnames, countries, etc... that will also show they have christian law.   Of course by the time the brother of Mary or Alpheaus gets all the law and his Priest or Father or Sir look at the Law and then they can say,  thank you for showing you have the law and are able to bless this poor fool, we too took that as law thru the centuries and we are happy to find someone who also believes in the law.


Not to say that the house and arms did not have the common law but to say that hopefully many alliances can be made to the house so that the generation that had Mary in it might make a good many alliances and marriages between other houses so that peace can be preserved and christianity can increase.


So if you dont have the common law just buy the book and say that you knew all this already and that you agree with it.



Hope you liked this blog.   Consider buying a Book from Starr Books.

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