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Books Of Spells



Spells In Starr Books


Found in some,  with Explanations

The Take over the World Spell is Part of Many Books,  With Many Variations.   Choose correctly,


The Author has made many revisions.


The Author is Mensan.


As all Generals already Know.


We already Know.


The Take over the World Spell is in Book of Spells,  Honor of Knighthood,  Five generation Genesis of God,  Where is the one that worked?


You pour water on Saw Grass it kills it.


Lao Tzo.


See  Xo

Books of Magick Curing Spells 



Book of Spells Video




Starr Book




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When the Novice Climbs to the Enlightened, and the Colossan is only as big as Mount Rushmore and the Giant Head of the Chief Indian,


Then Let the New World Conquer Whom Ever Our Gods Want.


(Stay Natural of Course or the Totanado Bison cannot Restore its Numbers and Come Down From the Skye)

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Over 100 Spells,   Magick extraordinary and magnificant.   The Sleep Spell,  (like the Bethany) to the Earth Quake Spell from the Anti-Nicean Fathers.   Many other Spells.   These Really Work!!!!