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Small Markets

Starr Books takes a different view than some on small markets.  Small markets are specialized, and related to the type of books.  While every fiction book has the idea that it is made up from wherever, Starr Books has some books that are a small market.


A market to discuss is those for the cause for Eliza Allen Starr's Sainthood and her being raised to the altar instead of another Starr.  Of course being at Servant of God level the next step is to make her a venerable.  Well the book Venerations and Navigations to the Saints and Blessed for Eliza Allen Starr include those venerations that are part of the venerations that the Author developed when practicing over the years.  So considering Eliza may mean hand and is greater offering (as a hebrew Mary) than the foot that defends itself (as the hebrew Elizabeth) and yes the foot defends the hand and Elizabeth will defend Mary if she is in need.  So with these venerations already printed for those related to the surline it seemed a simple task to separate those related to Servant of God Eliza Allen Starr who is into women's rights like a safe house from the authors and print the record of those titles.  So there is a cause, and if you as an individual are singled out by your surname to serve in the church, (the authors debts are paid for that at this time) then consider buying the book and practicing some venerations and navigations.  Many dedications are made to this point and it is said that when a veneration gets high enough in the father it is listened to whatever the source.  So even if those who take the prayer to the height of a veneration those who are trained to listen to certain parts of the past in Christianity will hear and will if they so choose send help for those in need or not as the listener decides.  


Markets are something that is of interest to Starr Books.


In reference to this article based on the reference from the Venerable someone just erased my text because it was not saved and my computer set may not be secure due to the amount of money a Private First Class has during war, which should be exploited due to Fraud.


So in a effort of Justice against the Black of the Coats of Arms of the Black sworn first in the spirit of Esquire most especially against Alistair Cooke who makes me climb the stairs to the upstairs let it be so.


So to reiterate the Bias that Alistair Cooke must feel in a Kingdom ruled by those who monitor his authorship, then this authors point of view with the defense of a Bachelors, an honorable discharge, and and Associate with dues paid in full in certain gentlemens clubs and the Mensan, then the use of Black men of his arms would certainly be considered an act of war from Great Britain in the time of this copyright. 



Consider the plight of the Bachelor want to bee from Kent State University when the Viet nam draft was going on.  You either graduated and became part of the Intellictuate of the United States internationall known as Intelligensia, or you got drafted for the front lines of war.  When a college student rifled the ROTC headquarters building the retaliation of the Officers on Campus was four dead and nineteen injured.  Thus even when the right is given by the constitutions and the constitutions have the right to not attend church as in the case of those from the Authors Home State OHIO, then unless the defense is strong enough the right to freedom of the press is taken away, the wealth is taken away by theivery and deceit, and the officers from other countries like Madrid Spain in the case of an officer of the court in Clark County Ohio who was also a Marine, become the responsibilty of the publican who is likely to fraud with bribery for office and deceit to keep his chair, even those who use court alias although not appointed by the font, by the court in its jurisdiction, such as the bastard son of William Jefferson (surname concealed as a result of not knowing if the William Jefferson Clinton court order to assume the name of the famous Knight John Clinton contains his fathers name), who upon recognition of this changed his name who also accoused one of causing Blight amoung the land held farms, which is neither here nor there. 


Thus it is seen how a small alias of change of name is used to attain office by ommision of facts, not necessarily blind deceit, but the assumption of the Clinton name would be noticed by the surname who may or may not feel the need to take action until the impeachment is done.  So although the legal name is such the ommision of the facts related to the subject is part of making the United States spend money on investigation of honor to such people who hold such high office.   In the case of the Author here I am only writing a few books on subjects that cause some to become righteaous and vigilanties that seem to think it right to take the law into their own hands.  Yes a Marine has a lightweight Antitank Weapon for use on the battle field for those tanks that are trying to tread on me, while there is no use for such in the domestic life of the United States.  Although most lethal weapons are not kithchen knives the author has some of those. 


Those other people who have the first two names of William Jefferson would have to take defense as well the Third President of the United States whose face is on the two dollar bill and Thomas spent a large part of his life listening for the Anabelle whether the Declaration of Independence is independence from women we may never know.  (The cow bell is a percussion instrument used in Band Class)


The market creates itself since the Author has agreed on the internet to allow the reader 20 percent of his works to read resulting in 300,000 reads related to daily offering of Saints referenced by Starr Books to put the church in a debt.


So basically sister and brother mother and father I regard you as a pissed off market for the works of this author, in debt which can be alliviated by an offering of Roman Gratia similar to the works sold in the spirit Starr Books already Received.  And as a side note and to make the American Public aware I do not report to the Vatican, and if you think that clause saying in deference that anything related to the United States should be more important than that reported to the Italians who may or may not use their Vatican Brothers and Sisters as Intelligensia then dont tell anyone there the contents of the books.  Its not something they don't know already, but might disagree on if the reader could be hurt by knowledge.  The See of Alexandria is the library, not the See of the Chair of Peter.


Another Market is the Active Duty Military of your present country.  Simply put books like Semites and Mighty Men put in writing the insignia holders and how to attain those insignia in a Davidic based military, similar to the Western Militaries.  Kings of Isreal and  Judah document the thirty one Zerubabel that were used after the Reign of Judah that went on for centuries while the Kingdom of Israel went on for 238 years.  The 31 Zerubabel are simply a way for many plattons of marching men to outpower the enemy with marching reporting good health for the platton to the Company, the Series, the Division and the Battalion with various officers that are commissioned to them and so the intelligence of them is given to the leaders of the Military.  However if the reader is active duty and would like to learn how a Sargeant becomes a Jathir Sargeant or Staff Sargeant when utilizing Jathir in Hebrew, he cannot unless he knows the place in the past that Jathir was made.  In addition the ten enlisted ranks are not realized by the Army since the E-1 in the military has no name and no chance of promotion to E-2 without the use of the two e word ewe or sheep because it is a christian military based on sheep hearding.  So once the Private or E-2 in the military is spelled ewe then w is not a letter of the hebrew alphabet and two u is similar to two e so basically the warrant officer of E-10 is not supported then for the Enlisted of the Army and the Enlisted is reported to make Christian mistakes to favor or strength of the plattoon, which is expected by the command and common sense is assured to make the ideal of a stronger plattoon realizable.  So E-10 or the rank of Warrant Officer is backed by the Military Police of the Navy and the Army and there is no doubt, about it we knew by intel when you committed the offense, by the defense then it would be great if you confessed.  Such is Sofism, Skepticism, and Cynicism.  So after you learn that self incrimination is not a part of anything but fundamentalism who makes or not the subject of Hebrews letter, then all is not known, so the ideal of a debt being establlished immediately in a meeting insures that the Author eats.  So if you are Active Duty Military, and of course donations of autographed books that deal with subjects similar especially on Papal owned land with representatives in the United States that are Papal Subjects, then the Land that is papal is a good place to make an autographed copy of the book available to the people visiting, especially if their island is on the perimeter of the USA coast.   (A subject of Defense similar to countries that are outside the wall (certainly an engineering marvel worth a documentary !!)but neighbors to china.


So if you are active duty and do not believe in climbing the ranks based on either time of the rank of the pile of the water and waste water or the conviction of your fellow soldier who is taking the easy way, then you are a market for Starr Books.


And if you are a business license holder for a non profit non affiliated or vice versa the market is your reading and you endorsement for the people you call flock.  Keeping in mind the people of Stathclyde Scotland which it seems may be my people way on back there considered the south kingdom of flocs weeds that are purple.  However if the book is read and the complexity of the subject matter is recognized it may keep your so called flock putting a small offering in the plate for your daily bread on and off.


The books with the word venerable in the title yield a market of those related to the Starr line (you know who you are) as the authors nineth antecedent Served in the Constable as Mr. Starr and one of his sons was an ancestor of Servant of God Eliza Allen Starr. 


The stages of a personage acheiving Sainthood are Servant of God, Venerable, Beatus or Beautiful, and Saint.  So for Eliza as a person already raised to Servant of God for womens safe houses, then reading the books and allowing venerations that can be picked up by the Blue Knight can make her a venerable, and show the fraud of impersonators who say they love their wife while they beat and enslave a women.


So basically if you are interested in Vitae in the way of how that Saint will help you, then the books of Blessed Charlemagne, there is a cause, and the other vitae are of interest.  If you are interested in relocating the citizen cane your country has generated in the Greecian Tradition of excile then housing is not free in this neighborhood although afordable.  If you are interested in getting Charlemagne Sainted, and believe me before the Antiipope entitled Charlemagne as a Saint from the Antipope see in France, then traditionally after the 700 years to make him a beatus, (the origen of the 700 club here in the USA)  (Knowledge of this can make any evangelist waste his knighted men at arms to not enslave his listeners to the Christian emperality as known by the Evangelist who is a blashpheme to the rank Emperor.) The Title of Saint for Charlemagne may be in the future as shown and recognized by the see of Rome or the Chair of Peter regarless of the neighbor relationship of France and Italy because the Vatican City States is claiming they are not subject to the present Emperor of Italy with title appropriate to assume for the visitor to Rome.  A Saying often quoted, are you a plant can you Rome?


So those are a market, and if you did a word search of your surname and found it in a title of Starr Books that contains the word venerable then you too are a market and you have at least one Saint. 


Another market is the Find Your Saints book for anyone at all in general that is related to Saint Margaret of Scotland, or Charlemagne, or Saint Raymond Berenger, or King Arthur etc.   See the description of Find your Saints.  Although Saints and Blessed who left Descendents a title for Starr Books Shows The Saints that are back there that had kids before they died and were raised to the Altar for the life they led or idea that only a Saint could correct this, then at least the reader could see the potential of having over 150 saints in the past or father.


As a parent you are a market because Starr Books will get the royalty, you will be blessed with the peace of knowing your offspring will be occupied and not bothering you with something that is approved by the church, and so both the Parents, the child, the Starr Books coffers, and sister brother mother and fathers that are paid for in the event that the Vatican City States do not fall down then that parent will be doing a good service to their offspring.


Another market is those in engineering or maintenance who would like to see what books can be read from an author with 30 years experience writting engineering manuals related to original equipment manufacturing.


If you are surfing the internet and plan a plane ride looking at pictures from a travel pictoial as an ebook will show great definition as the electronic cameras and handheld tablets and cell phones now have the technology to show good pictures and do them justice much better than some printers.


One of the protections the guild offers is the copyright laws as written in the USA constitution where the quote of the Arts is paraphrased as for a limited time Authors and Inventors have the rights to their writings and discoveries.   The copyright law is fifty years without republishing the title page to keep the copyright in the family that can be done post humorously.


As a graduate of Person Senior High in Roxboro North Carolina in Person County the impersonation of a person is important to me as in the authors view a detective, a primitive soldier, a citizen cane, and others that claim the right to be a Person will always be in question, especially if the citizenship is not proven in the State local militia law that in the authors home state says the church attendence is not mandatory, so the fundamentalists that hold verses written 1900 years or so ago as law relating to republic apply to the state, while in the case of the authors home state it does not.


Another market in the genre of studies of history is the market of the Jewish people.  Although this market is pretty well cornered by the rabbi, or teacher, it does not always show the trivia that can be found in use of the iterations of the rabbitical subjects if done for many years.  In other words the experience and Bias of an author of greater age than some may be shown in the writings, while commissioned rabbi and officer use whatever means possible to attain their result the freedom of the press opens the ways they are using martyrs and unknown parts as related to Kings of Isreal and Judah, where the spelling of Isreal means someone named Jacob who killed somebody while Israel is a lovely women who is purported to keeping herself alive.


In other words those who break the law will end up in fethers in this life or their next, and those whose intent is to break the law will get themselves in trouble.  One of those laws in the United States of America is Freedom of the Press, while subjegation of subjects due to politial pressure gives this author the right to press charges like Assault and Battery with attempt to kill when those trained in the apprehension of criminals will bring those that assault to justice, which will happen in good time.


And yes the learned are a market, as most Blue Knights are at least at the associate level of education, while those of us at the Bachelorette level seem to be in competition most of our lives until retirement, then ways of competition and the merits they produce when factors are considered at the beginning of the fall of the life a man, then result is that if one is ahead of another it is due largely to lack of debt.  Engineers and Authors are not in debt to anyone.  In the event that someone loses an election the people are going to claim a debt or speak about the loser in a bad way.  Debt related to accounts are a personal matter and seem insignificant when viewed from the authors perspective, as people will say you are in debt when you pay the gas bill at the end of the month but you used some gas so therefore you are a debtor.  Well common sense tells me that pity is greater when the pittance is Roman Gratia from Royalty than from simple common currency.  (like the color of Money is not green its white ).


Another market is those who wonder about ancient civilizations like the Greecian, Egyptian, and Hebrew dragons that exist today.  People are familiar with the Dragon of the house of David, or the lineages that lead to King David, but few are familiar with the lineages that lead to Ancient Greecian, primarily to Clio the Historian Herodotus wife, whose dragon is the subject of about all Psychiatry majors and Psychholoy majors as Pshche is the Freudian agrument with her husband or uncle Eros.  Most are familiar with the Eros international image of why a women wears lip  stick.  Most pregnant women learn about the Sarai and the excepted ways of making a baby real fast if at a young age and these are likely the lineages of the Egyptians.


Many of Starr Books contain these subjects a simple men and women who left descendents while the ideal of registering the amount of time in the past and the number of duplications of the names makes the expression going viral a factor in considering the filth of bacterium misinterpreted as virus that require a magnification of 10 to the sixth power while bacillus are only 10 to the third power.   Many bacillus are deadly anyway so who is to know so by making layers of communication between the internet the unknowing have made ways for the Black Arms to elevate simple cures into deadly disease that has a high hit count similar to propaganda used at war in reference to web site traffic.


Here the use of Fraud associated with responsibility related to public office is done while the large number of constitents make enemies of the other party in reference to not an philosphical ideal but a person or a bank account that they do not control.   Such things are glaring related to the almost successful coup in the Congress of the United States of America where a Blue Knight on the side of Order was killed on January 6th 2021.   And most are the people are on a list at large, similar to the pardoned citizen cane types who are told to report to the governors office every year in the state they are pardoned from In Person.


So far no fiction, so that market is wide open for those who would like to escape to the world of places made in the mind painted with words.


Of course the literate are a market, and the illiterate can buy my grandmothers work and learn English.  (copyrighted again for those who need an excuse not to read.)


As far as grand play in the middle, if the White is posted and the grandness of the Burning of Athens is topped by the Armies of Cyrus then Cyrus is topped by Darius.  If Dibni decides to turn on and be the father of Moses then of course the privatation of law in the grand is the joke of how much are you paying for your plate, in debt to whom, and is it a healthy diet or does it have grind in it from cows utters and brains.  (Thanks Dany.  She remains so cute)


The best market for Starr Books and this web site is the people who earn their daily bread by the use of arrest in connection with fraud related to citizens, whom often claim the USA constitution is greater than the state they are from, and hopefully they are from one of the fifty other States and or Territories and they are not foreign citizens with their own law enforcement capabilities in the United States of America.  Don't forget other Countries to immitate our greatness use our initials.  The United States of Arab Emerites may omit the E and say USA.


When the authors markets are interfered with it means the grain made to make the bread on the farm.


The population of the literate country the United States will have about sixty percent graduate from High School or get a General Education Certificate, ten percent graduate with a Bachelors degree, Two percent graduate as a Master degree or join the Mensan, One percent become doctorates, and the one percent of the mensan that are supergenius may all have the knick name Brian, or suffer from Brain Sprain.


After all a wise man once said "It is smarter to call a spainaird an illegal mexican who eats rabbits than to insult a citizen saying he eats road kill."



Copyright November 4 2021, by Mister Brian Daniel Starr











Bias is something that is infered by the reader.  As an author the bias I have is for innocence related to tomorrow or All Souls Day (Halloween), while at the same time not excibiting a Bias exibited by Authors subject to a crown.  Inferences of characters made to play rebellious people or to parallel enemies makes the Bias of such individuals aware as their authorship becomes public common text.  As public knowledge is left by a book, while refering to cryptic messages etc..  are parallels while reading books to the educated reader means the reader should know about the author.  If the Author is subject to the Crown of the Windsor, well the Bias is so written to not offend these people as the beheading of the Stewart Charles Stuart was in Windsor Castle.  Such bloody displays of Barbarism is what caused the United States of America to proclaim freedom of the press as backed by our American Legion Posts, as well as our Military both Federal and Local to 50 states and numerous territories.  So imagine the authors who want the expected 60 grand a year as english majors, while some of us have a greater major also with the abbreviation Eng.  Engineering is about analysis and science, while many English majors are Majors of Art.  While Authors technically are a type of Artist, and Artist is greater than or is assumed greater than artisan, then Science or the revealing of truth need not be raised as a subject of fiction.  Trivia is something that some mensan, such as the Author, seems to think can supplement a basic knowledge.

Copyright October 30 2021, by Mister Brian Daniel Starr

Origen of Copyright

As a member of the Authors Guild I was determined to find out why the web site address is http://   instead of https://   .  Its rather obvious that the Authors Guild does not require security.  However as an author and only one member of the guild, that will not be followed by the computers on the internet where my works are composed.  The same reason you register a copyright to prosecute is the same reason you keep security and as much as you can afford for the defense of your data and your origin of the writings that you make.  In fact the http:/ from the Authors Guild has an ideal that you know you are going to get caught since its illegal internet practice and the authors need subjects.

Honor is a Dedication and a nice thought.  Some things like wishes require thought.  On shot charlie's like a marathon son or a horse that was canted or a blank check that some other could endorse, it depends on the influence.  An Author's copyright cannot exist in his name before his birth.

STARR BOOKS Believes in Honor


To both promote Starr Books and Honor my Grandmother whose past as an immortal Author, I would like to go over two sentences.


The leaf of my Grandmother is copyrighted 1957.  It is renewed in my name in 2021.  The leaf is about illiteracy because her life was that of a teacher.


The first sentence is an attempt by my middle name to keep up with her name.




Who is the crooked teeth built nodding x-military obedient 36-22-34 bloody well fed supported ringed possibly to be married women, my second wife?


Now Ruth is hard even for Daniel to keep up with. Here is the perfect word relationships of the sentencing.




Who is a word for Jonah, crooked is a word for Haggai refering to Teeth a word for Christopher or built a word for Amos, nodding a word for Nehemiah, x-military a word for Joel, obedient a word for Zephaniah, bloody a word for Zechariah, well fed a word for Habbukak who brings lunch in bad times, supported and ringed a word to keep her from Micah's blessings, possibly a word for a playing dead possum or Obidiah, married a word for hope, women a word to describe gender, and my a word to describe the army, and second a word to define someone who gains when you win whom is together with you, and wife a word to mean I could try again and a word of Job.  (putting the double down as a uu life or w life or wife. (As of 7-23 2021 I am divorced without a second wife for now 5 years becoming six on Nov 15 2021.)


The second sentence is more a directive that if I believe it in one year then it should come true.  In the Knight title the idea is that no one can even read, which is an excuse to not do anything.  The title really means interpret of the past, similar to untitled marriage which is the idea that together a couple can interpret the past age.  (marri-age).




For the blank check given the author of this sentence for one year service as a treasurer of the Knights of Columbus, an undefinable amount for the vaccine for malaria !!!


Dont forget the author of that sentence is a mensan started the week before Mercy sunday 2011, granted a week before going to the holy city that claims the walls of Rome. The author also served as a scrive in assembly and the treasurer post was only for the council where the order only goes back to 1871 or so.  If in one year I still agree with spending the money of a blank check in this manner then the raising of money for such a vaccine will take a toll on death of the Tse Tse fly, a formidible flying weapon by some intelligence or happenstance.  It depends of course on whom owns the vaccination makers for the vacine, adding distribution points to potential victims.






Mensan Mister Worthy Sir Knight Brian D. Starr  7-23-2021


IT IS wise to not Knight the holy names that already have title considered sacred by some of books published by a power that some consider Great in order that someone may try to live up to expectations !!! 


Copyright Brian Daniel Starr 7-23-2021



Starr Books  Gives to the World

Yes Starr Books started as just some CD's on Ebay.  Then in 2008 became a company.   


Because Starr Books publishes on Amazon.com (come on women Amazon warriors are likely men as well as women) the offer to read 20 percent or 10 percent of the book is there.


I noticed when looking for a Saint on his or hers feast day  some of the Starr Books titles came up and well that is good,  I guess.


At least it gets the name in front of the people who are interested in that type of thing.  And yes Starr Books could not expect that each reader of a search engine to find the Saint for Today could go out and buy a copy !!!


So Starr Books is a giving company  !!!  Some mind out there will tune into the Saint and well hopefully it is picked up.


So if your read 20 percent of the book,  go away and wait a few days or use a different computer or login different or whatever then another 20 percent I guess you could read the whole book.


Thats good for the reader, so as a member of the Authors Guild who has representatives go in front of the Supreme Court for similar issues, is this an idea the Guild might pick up?


Anyway Starr Books will always be a part of the lookups for the search engines,  I guess.


Copyright September 30 2020,  by Brian Starr 

Epic-ritus or just being picky

Starr Books started with cd's on the e bay and is now 12 years gone.  and the business competition is great, especially among non affiliated non profits or so called charity groups that are sure that one denomination is not the same as another and want to argue about it.  For that rason Starr Books sells Books.  


The most fun to appreciate is the competition that claims the business is not worth a damn since the business url or the address where the Author Lived or where the Post Office box is has changed, and if or not the business taxes are paid. 


What is really fun is whe you get fraudulent mail, and they say it is a refund say from Geico, and then at the check cashing place they say the PNC bank number is not the correct routing number and you have told  that company to send a statement to Ravenna County Ohio stating you had Auto insurance, since the author did but the paperwork given to the Lady at the Court House might not have the right policy numbers etc.  So this website will show I noted the action but as a mensan decided it would only cause problems to continue.


Or the business taxes owed to The State of Tennessee dated from January 1 to January 1.  Well the business year is from July 1st to June 30th.  So any way just to be sure send the 22 dollars a year taxes to clear it up for 138 dollars since Tennessee has a post office box, and then you get the letter that states but yes that is county and now you need city taxes.  Well, I guess if the Officers wanted to stake out that PO box in the Andrew Jackson Building on Deaderick Street they could.  We could send them a letter and when they get the box sent they could double it.


Seriously thou folks, this Author has written computer code where the syntax is very important to the compiler and interpreter to the electronics inside, the microporcessor and the computer related memory chips etc...  so there syntax is important.   If Starr Books since 2005 and then a Doing Business As in 2008 and then a Sole Propietor in 2013 with an impounded Kia Soul whose post office recept says it was the property of the Credit Acceptance Company on Sept, 11 2020 since there is a postal received receipt on the Post office computer, well it becomes impossible in my estimation for a small business to keep all the internet hackers and scam artists and other groups from destroying and changing URL's telling you if you dont buy their idenity theft you may become a victim and then somebody named Maynard (Yes I am Mayflower Society too and Maynard it iis Sept 17th the adt of isse of the Stamp Act People ) says thats true and then you get a bad check addressed to you as Geico and then RAvenna or Portage County will put you in the soup for it !!!(I like Tomato Capmbells)


Yes Maynard I spelled that one wrong on purpose.


Anyway all my books or most of them have the link you can read a percentage of the book or just click here and a copy is yours  !!! So in a way I give somebody a look up on the internet for free everyday until the Authors Guild says there is a way for a Mensan to bring this up before the supreme court.








So as it goes this is the Mayflower Stamp Act Day 400 years after the Ship will Cannon Sailed.


Copyright September 17 2020 by Mister Brian Daniel Starr








Choose your Letter cause the insult from the womenkind about not being able to do two things at once is O.

The best letter is X.  you get Xerxes, who is incorruptibe.  N falls to nothingness which is not marketable as Or.  The X gets u titles like MIster and more innocents who think that Married man is entitled to Mister while he is only entitled to Mr.  Plus the Code of Upland beats the X code of Fernandez the patron saint of Sanitary Engineers as well as four year degreed without Military, after all the American Legion has some member who like the front line. being the war zones.  While the Viscont only got the business zones.   Average cost per comment depends on the body suing u. and the corruption of the sweater for information and the need to menestrate in the graveyard.  x to women for five years gone.  And the papal leader whose Tribunal forces to disolve the marriage if in the italian side of view the marriage of note continues, well then Grave of Samuel Starr (location withheld in the event of worship from the New England Geneoply Society botherers.) is indeed a table grave to entertain the Goulash noodles.  Ohio is a State of Mind so Let the Diety mentioned in Sumatrian Dieties argue with the lesser Dieties about if the Star is the HIghest in the Sky.   Makes sense to me My last name I am telling you about is Starr. like the two pitter patter of the heart.  So X that.  Even when Dead guilty and the stone is grass level the code of Upland is greater.  For those who are guilty.   makes no sense to have x cousins, x parents x meanness complaint box.  nick name brain cells aint cheap.  Its not that impossed celebration of being without burden of dependents for five years in the civil law and the experiment to test our civil laws propigation to where ever based on one Translation about the peeny rape charge of a sovergn, well theres a Watch called Citizen of the World or whatever its become.  All Sardonic Cynisism applied.  In the imortal words of Leunot Starr it is a descendent of the male line first before our X wives club.  Ha Belle.   its womens need that is gulty.  the males are just jealous of the ways I use to get rid of the Primates in disagreement.  The Font is Georgia, the text size is 36.  I am a engineering disipline holder.  The olympic coaches and the South People alias not in any agreement able to be traced to me.  35 years after dischare I have been in the private sector with the immigrants etc taking my keyboard Ha at their will or Ha whoever.  Got no choce about the investiagation, well the arms say the Starr is not always for Saint and Obstruction of Justice if not enforced is just a taunt.  I Ha your political has fallen 244 years since 1776 and it has gone to Hades.  Ha have at u Heli, cause Heli is not Helen and Ma Parker is not Belle.  StarrCAE will not hire another employee even if given the right.   I have the right to an Attorney, well hell 37 in a 25 is a guilty sentence.  I will pay u when this x marine can get the money Psche I can eat anything and I am more Guilable than Rev. William Henry Starr.  I really dont care about your arguements.  Your politica is about over, as far as justice and the title of immigrant is impossible for Master of the Ship due to the paulist captancy of Timothy Starr whose wife Euneus is like Eugeus the wife of the Bar Alias of what ever Ha.  Have at ya I will have all the possessions of the Jesuit you are it tag since they are impoverished.  Greecean aint Roman and TESC used to be a Satelite of Guy Princeton.  Only one petition I signed from TESC u have the right to petition after they consider pray a petition while I take the defense of a book end.  Kish falls to the alpha bit teachers how do u spell a name for a cannibal  Ha my humor is morose, well he is tibza the name of a humorous bone head, got to lean very hard with the Title Knight on the Pa for informant while the mixing of letters of Xnight is not so funny.  You got the burden of women with Ma, and she is Older than I am.  but Old at Fifty with one span of ten year gone against whoever is in denial of this unlawful tribune investigation of my past.  Knight destroys cloth.  Ha.  

State of the USA  (Best one the 17th) OHIO
First Star (r) Deleware,  Last with a White Star(r) Hawaii

To Honor the Country Since 9 11 sometimes is more difficult than other times.  As an x marine with almost no rank other than rank and file not an officer and not a gentlemen, (as a Gentlemen has to be over 80) I guess, while an Officer is either non commissioned or Commissioned, and since the United States Marine Corp offers training to Marines for their homeland, thus boot camp was so much fun with unknown people from some other country, while many did not make it to the title Marine.  (meaning you got past the Sarges Sword on the Parade deck and threw your cover (or hat (usually a cammiflage either desert camy or forest cami) and these Marines seem to follow the success after the freed ness of being freed from Parris Island, while the San Diego Marines will argue about the Pacifico (the Atlanico is deeper) (like frozen Mensa Flounder always looking up) and after the years go by the out of the USA Marines show up in their homeland (Remember this was in 1984) before all the World Train Center both first, the explosives that damaged the pillar and second the Airplane Disaster, (where many of the Caltholic and other Churches surrounding have not been rebuilt I might Add)  (not an Amos or Amon, just a middle name Daniel.  So since they all went to their country and I went into a successful engineering career and then 911 and continued engineering so of the series of 2060 came back(  I flunked out of 2058 actually back in 1984)  So since Trump in mentioned in Edgar Allan Poe, and since most people associate (Durham Technical Community College Grad ) 1985 or 1986 with honors ) so I have an Associates thought then Trump would be the most honorable with Bridge the bicycle deck with a wager or not (I always lose at a wager, rule of thumb, you will lose money first, and greed will set u up to lose a life, in that case its your guilt if you are an officer !!! so Bridge is a Good Application of Trump, while Eurchre (I play last time in Clinton County Ohio,  I won more than lost at lunch time !!!)  and anyway if its Bridge I played in some bridge clubs, although I do  not have master points at duplicate, but again after finding a Private named Cards, in association with a television show commerical with an airplane and finishing a job of engineering in Council Bluffs Iowa, then I saw a man named cards with a picture of a large airplane (at the time I got some code from someone named Merlin to do some engravings, the idea of a private Cessna ) so to make a long story short,  the name of Ann Trump appears on the Saints Deck (Incidently almost everyone I hear refutes the suits and numbers of the Saints in the Saints Deck, while of course cards are meant to include the Saints with the Cards.  And Once I met a Women named Tami Maria who put her arms around my neck at the Living Room here in DAyton Ohio thats roof was done in in the last Hurricane Toranado Windsor, high wind thing.  
So I guess Dayton is in the Toranado Alley, so just like the alley in the back of my hidden home address due to public acclaim, (a lady once said as a possible second wife she was not stalking me ) (I think she was from UKraine of Russia on the internet ) in any case I dont think a lady would be a threat or Threet in all cases to myself, so thats a good Josh, while all ladies and girls I have ever met understand about the master, Lord, Knight just not quite getting it past Enlightenment or being a Neophyte into a Novice or insignificant etc...   So Since the Commander in Chief is hopefully in the Government White House designed by Bull Finch, and was not hit at 911, then hopefully the internet dudes that helps out (note Helps like my moms name Hel in abbreviation ) after so many years experience it gets just Gaudenish !!!
Long live the Star Spangled banner and may there be more than 50 white star on the Blue Field adding all territores, at the same time.
God Bless America and of Course the Greatest State, Ohio of the USA  !!!

Coming Soon the Disporia
All the Fish In the Sea

Copyright  By Brian Daniel Starr   8 7 2019.  All rights Reserved
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If you catch one of the fish in charts,  it may be a Hoodlum,  in that case you have to recreate the Fish.

Freedom in OHIO

AT least I am now a BAchelor Mister with Marriage Experience. Also a Man with Positive Marriage Proposal Experience, Twice, and civll law kicks in for freedom after 24 years, The Roman Law for 27 years, although separated I guess.



Star Dom

First thing you learn


it causes dependents called fans.

They always want.

Some Politicians know this too.

Because its my Surname, some respect it, some do recognize it
as a Girls first name, in some respects, she is a lady at any age, while
the idea she is an english lady, that would mean from Great Britain, well due to
Revolutionary Problems with certain countries if you know what I mean,

The Just name Starr will always be a Lady in any language.

She will keep track of the Justinian at any rate, so if you
are in the idea of misuse of the name, she might retaliate.

As a Sur I probably give to much to that Just Name,

The Guys from Tennessee think the Car is the Edsel, While
the Studebaker, looks more like a Lamb on the Grill,

Some sur names are not meant to be Masculine, so that guys like Stella and Bulla
can keep the Ax Grinding on the Bull Head and the arrow after the Deer.

Keeps you going, and after all if a Gal or a Doll makes a mistake, she was set up,

It takes a while to prove some of the dolls,

I remmember when in my childhood in Ohio my sister Mary gave her dolls a haircut.

In a few weeks she was confused the hair didn't grow back.

I was into HOt Wheels. I had a Sandcrab. Its like a sand dollar.

I said good bye to the fifth graders and left.

Looking at some of these models pictures, seems they look alot like the originals

My favorite is Rachel Welch. I say her once in PLayboy.

I was a dough boy in Raleigh at the PTA. the damn drink machine didnt work for
my grape pop. one hit. Two cans. !!! NO one say it ok ,,


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· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Harris Family
· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Hills Family
· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Mitchell Family
· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Moore Family
· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Snow Family
· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Spencer Family
· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Talcott Family
· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Taylor Family
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· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Wilmot Family
· Venerations and Naviagations of the Saints and Blessed for the Russell Family
· Warriors In The Blood
· Working on the Railroad
· Wright Brothers Birth Place
· Wyatt Goes to the Zoo
· Zoos and Aquariums


Written About 2008


Originally born in Ohio, I moved to North Carolina at the age of 13. I have lived in Roxboro and Raleigh in North Carolina. I am married and have one daughter. I enjoy gem cutting, coin collecting, and genealogy as hobbies.

I have worked in the Industrial Environment for 18 years. I enjoy problem solving and thinking, especially electrical, electronic interface or computer science related projects.

I enjoy Genealogy in my spare time and have cut cabachon gem stones as a hobby. I collect coins from all nations of the world and some paper money.

My wife and I live happily withour daughter. My wife teaches English as a Second Language at the High School and other county Schools.

My daughter Gaby won the Accelerated Reader for her school (most books read) in fifth grade and continues to excel in school. She is in sixth grade.

In 1998, I was fortunate find a family book, and got interested in finding the lineages of my surlaines' wives and that led to the discovery, available on the Internet, of lineages that are recorded in history books and more noble families and royalties mainly from Europe.

I decided to write my first book Saints Who Left Descendants, a book listing the ancestors and Descendants of 110 Saints that are everyone's ancestor. I included a section on each Saint about notable royalty and Saints for each entry in the book. With the use of the Internet, it was possible to research and finally find about 650 Saints and Popes and Archbishops of Canterbury, not ancestors, but related.

So I became passionate about how these Saints and Royalty are interrelated. The reader of the books could easily be inspired to do his/her research and link into the file made available on the Internet. That is what the Saints series of books is about.

I continued my research while travelling on assignment as a controls engineer in all regions of the country. I spent time researching the Greek Orthodox Church, the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church as well as Judiasm and Islam. In the books on the Christian Knight, I discovered that all the children of Abraham were included in these ancient lineages.

I become passionate about the Deities of all the religions and how they are interrelated. I found mystical files and ancient files on the Greek Pantheion and the sacred books of Judism that told me where to look.

I became interested in the history books such as the Antiquities of the Jews and the lineages of the successful prophets of the old testament of the Bible, as well as reading the Christian books that did not make it into the canon. I thought it appropriate to include these lines in charts that are easily read and publish the works making them available all over the world. It is my hope that the books will contribute to a a peaceful world of coexisting human beings where the problems of thirst and hunger are solved by a united world government.

My books could inspire or send someone soaring into a new existence with ideas that are not new but have been protected from the illiterate for generations. To be honest these books could not have been written without the computer aided genealogy programs and the selfless dedication of the genealogy community to uncover the secrets of the past.

Starr Books was founded by the author, an Engineer by profession and trade, and the books were a result of a genealogy hobby that led to published works , first as CD's offered as PDF's and finally as published works in the Self Publishing Book Industry.

After thorough research of the subject of genealogy, I was able to find Kings, other Royalty and Cloth. I decided to make a list of Saints and publish them for sale, distributing them as books on CD.
I soon began publishing hard copy books.

Recent Pilgrimages to the Vatican and Plymouth Rock have opened up a new type of book for Starr Books, Pictorial Essays, with two of these published in 2011. The Genealogy hobby has also lead to the honor of becoming a member of many societies and organizations such as the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and the Sons of the American Revolution.


In 2012 I moved back to my home state.   Starr Books is selling books, and I find time to write.


I met a lady who inspired me,  and I continued to write.


At this time I found I had the problem that I hear most authors have.   I could write the books,  and I felt they would sell to the right audience, but no-one knows they are out there.   I spent a considerable amount of money on funds to promote the books.


That improved sales but I still continued to write!!!!


Finally after about 15 years I realized what I was trying to write,   Find Your Saints,  and I published that.


I continued to write and realized it is like a habit to continue writing.   while promotion makes the money.


Starr Books in 2018 is about 10 years old now.   The Books Published ten years ago are no longer new releases,  but they are still good in content and still sell. 


I plan to keep Starr Books Active,  and with new connections in Ohio hopefully the readers will be pleased.