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Find Your Saints



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The idea that the Saints Blood flows in our veins is astonishing.

The question is how. Now if a man and wife have a daughter would they not bless them as well as a son. If she marries then the man and wife are the blood of the daughter and her descendents. So you see that a bloodline is then not the same as a surline.

Now Mary is the greatest female saint, so is involved with venerations and marriages. To Venerate is to have in mind the line to the saint and feel the blessing.


For example the first Saint in this book is Saint Adela of Flanders. The verneration would be the Starr’s married the Spencers, who married the Steele, who married the Ensign, who married the Shepard, who married the Stanley, who married the Hastings, who married the Champagne, who married the line of Adela of Blois who married the line of Saint Adele of Flanders. Also would be The Starr’s married the Spencer, Steele, Ensign,Shepard, Stanley, Hastings,line of Champagne, line of Adela of Blois, line of Saint Adela of Flanders.

So you see the mind is left with a pathway to the Saint, and everyone knows that a Saint is in heaven so it is a way to get to heaven.

This becomes a study of our past ancestors, or the study of the father. Father meaning the Kings,
Queens, Saints, Bishops, etc. who are our ancestors.

There are traps involved as well. If the bloodline goes to a King and stops there, then the ruler of that Kingdom might think that you are a usurper of the throne and kill you. So it is a good idea to say that you are looking for the Saints Blessing not the crown. Unless you of course are planning to take the crown and are laying a foundation in the church that would claim you are the true heir to the Kingdom based on the lineage that led to the crown.

Also, as in the first veneration there are two saints. Saint Adele of Blois is a way to get to Saint Adele of Flanders. But in the veneration the title is given only to Saint Adele of Flanders.

Another point to make is that all the people listening might hear their surname. If so they as well as the person making the veneration would be able to have the bloodline to the Saint.


Another idea is that a long veneration of say 15 different surnames might not be as strong as a veneration of say 3 different Surnames.

This text is concerned with all the saints in alphabetical order. There are other publications by Starr Books where the venerations are put together by families. They are basically the same venerations.

Navigations are usually started with a veneration, and then the relationship to the Saint or Blessed such as Father of or Grandfather of or Sister or Brother of enables the reader to go up in the Ancestors, Past, or in other words Father and then go down or sideways or wherever to get to the Saint. All the Saints who are navigations are marked with an * or asterick or star. If there is no * or asterick or star then the Saint is a bloodline ancestor and the Saints Blood descends to the Venerator.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.