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Honor of Knighthood


The Kings of Judah all married good wives from different lineages.
     King David married Bathsheba, whose lineage is Judah
     King Solomon married Egyptian lineage from the Ramses. He is a great King because he married the Queen of Sheba who adds the Ramsey’s line to the House of David and his wife has a lot to do with pregnant women.
     King Reheboam married a line from Jesse and from David. The line from Jesse includes Jerimoth the son of Abigail, who was the daughter of Jesse. So Abigail is added to line of Kings. King Reheboam also married the line from the dark angel of Death Uriel, who is from the line of Uriah whose line goes to Astarte.
     King Abijah married a line from Levi the Israelite, not from the Aaronic Priest but from Gershom the son of Moses. King Abijah also married the line from the Big Sur that adds the tribe Napoli to the Kings.
     King Asa married Azubah a line containing Jezebel and from Joseph and Benjamin the Israelites. Azubah also married the line from Nathan, so here a husbandry could get the King to Nathans line. Also King Asa is associated with Jezebel, so that line from Itabaal is added here.
     King Jehosphat married Jehoadin and fathered Nimshi and Israeli kings. Also married wife of line of Gersonites of Levi. There is a kink here that Christians do not allow. Nimshi is the son of Jehosphat with his niece or his fathers granddughter
     King Jehoram married Athalia an Israelites lineage to the Tribe of Isaachar. Queen Athalia became queen regent since King Jehoram was killed by Jehu. This may have been unjust because Athalia may have slaked her son which is a punishment that is death to the father. She became queen regent.
     King Ahiziah married his mother, who had a daughter Zibiah from Beersheba, who he married, and had Joash. The whole house of Jehoram father or Abijah is a super kink, concerning son and Mother and Father and daughter. Plus it takes two generations to do this.
     King Joash married Jehoadan from the Aaronic Priest Line of Levites.
     King Amaziah married Jecholiah from the Tribe of Isaachar just as did King Jehoram who married another Lady from Isaac-har.