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Major Saints Ancestry



Major Saints Ancestry


The Major Saints from Starr Books other works Saints Who Left Descendents,  and the beginning work Tree of Saints.


In Tree of Saints the Saints line did not continue, or at least the line ended.


In Saints Who Left Descendents,  then there were about 110 and then there were 172 that are going thru both the Authors Blood and some of them thru Servant Of God Eliza Allen Starr Blood thus the work Venerations and Navigations of Eliza Allen Starr,  Theres a Cause.


However some of these Saints are never heard of by anybody,  So Major Saints Ancestry got the Saints that some people have heard of and also those that everybody has heard of.


The idea here is that the reader find his way to these Saints to get to heaven as a reader and see what these Saints really do.


The listing for each one has Ancestors and Descendents of the Saint, so if you find or have one of these ancestors, then you might find one.