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The Holidays Market

I have heard that more than 70 percent of the merchants properties get sold in the two months proceeding Christmas.  Well Starr Books wants its share.


Time now to stop writing and advertise the ideal of reading and study and getting ahead thru knowledge, if required in the Engineering and Technician field or in the keeping of a Non Affiliated Non Profit business license, or in the Law Enforcement field the subjects of Starr Books are of interest to those who want the knowledge before the title, which by common sense would not work any other way.


So if you are in the Market for presents for the Holidays, then before the ordinary times gets changed to Advent, buy a Starr Book, or even wait until Advent as long as the Royalty ends up in the pocket the copyright to the commonwealth as referenced in the title page as a requirement of the business license, ensures that as long as the business address is not violated then it is likely the pedestrian in Cleveland or East Cleveland will be protected from the idea of being cold coched or their neck broken in a Mugging.


Buy a book from Starr Books.


Read a book today and learn something.  Any Book.   


Best Regards,


The Author


Copyright Nov 4 2021 by Mister Brian Daniel Starr


Most people do not realize it but imitation of something without the credential in place can cause problems.  For instance saying you have a bachloreate or a associates degree when you do not may cause fevers among the innocents especially the very young.


Of course most who would like to imitate and or forge a credential know that keeping quiet about it would make Mom who is mother to those infants or very young not know who is a lie about the credentials or not.  Some people like sister brother mother father who swear those titles as a post for orphans in the church are likely aiding a a betting the imitator making a word play on the degree part of the diploma.  So the temperature raises a degree.


Some things to imitate are even more harmful, such as undercover work for investiagations that last a few years.  Or insults that say that particulare Citizen is a Citizen at risk to justify an investiagation.  Well basically you can wait these out in the private sector and let the publicans who authorize this notice who in their many helpers are causing the problems.


Time will tell.


So watch the imitations, impersonations, and slanders associated with investigations.  If the investigation can be proven to have taken place and no conviction it is still a slander and waste of the buerocrats money.  A popular excuse among large publicans stacks are that office does not communicate with the other office so nothing gets done.  In other words government is ten percent correct, which leads to covering mistakes and the term close enough for government work.  




Copyright Nov 4 2021 by Mister Brian Daniel Starr


Dealing with interpretation of databases related to geneaology to find an normally untapped source of trivia related to historic subjects, such as translated documents, raises eyebrows from some.  Endorsements are rare due to the nature of certain sects that would like to be called religious sects or orders but are really cults.  Not to confuse the Occult sciences that this author will remain innocent of, with Bachloreattes of Science, as the Bachloreorest of Arts who are part of the Authors Guild Foundation attempt to compete for the dollar from both the government employees like the Government Employee Incorporated Company with the lizard meat, called Geico or whatever those employees are not stupid and are a market.  At this point in time at age 61 and a half year so far no convictions from the political oppenents and local authorities, and only one attempt on my life on June 6 2020 which apparently should be referred to as Assault and Battery with attempt to Kill, although not apprehended at this time I will remain alive as an X file both Marine and Husband.  So playing hardball is not new, since the Deborah parts of my mind do in fact carry capital crimes to the cages although so far the state does not have an execution of a victim so far, although of course Deborah would menestrate.   Most if not all of the Deborah I knew were taken with me to the State of the Vatican on Mercy Sunday 2011 before the Anti-Pope against the Bertolli oil was appointed by someone who claimed I abused my name in the middle, Daniel, unlike the fear of Queen Person Elton John. Women have been known to dress in mens cloths to stone people to death !!!  Anyway Mom is alive although her ROTC from her alumnus does away with college students called bachelor want-to-be's or wannabees.  At least they did in 1968 while she was in class on the other side of the demonstration.   Who thinks like a women anyway?  So it is important for authority to not waste its muscle or resources for things like the evacuation of Viet-Nam in 1974 when the film Pel-Am concerning the Authority of the New York Rapid Transit Authority, an incorporated business used by criminality either real or faked by some from centrally intelligent like citizens of Clark county.   Concerning Clark county don't cry in the desert and shore up your monument.!!!  The county with my nam on it is also a motto and good advice from Texas.  Although my life membership in the founders of Hartford got my luggage thrown under the bus and never recovered although the insurance company backed by the registers generated by the counters of futility as seen by Geico that backs the property insurance company I pay each month a successful property claim for a value of the luggage (unfortunately minus the deductible) makes the entire game seem so futile and stupid to deal with Non Mensan people.  Well I guess.  Ten Years Gone.  Dealing with my fellow High School Graduates who now are wondering if the fifty year reunion is worth it from a State ranked in Education 49th at the time of graduation.  Denial of education does not make these people dangerous, it is their weapons.


copyright October 30 2021 by Mister Brian D. Starr

New Revisions, New Copy


Books Previously published,  Our Lady of the Lake, The Ten Generations, Siege, The Book of the Priest, The Knightmaker, The Mysteries of the Knight, The Saintly Defense, Ancestral Secrets of Knighthood.  


These books have had an edition section about the Zealot Added to the originals.  Thus the ideals presented there are available in all its glory.  Purchase of these books, as well as The Way to Better Reading and Spelling is a purchase of a book either written or updated in 2021.   The first six months of the year are in the past.  Don't let the year go by.

Ten Generations.  Released as a published book in March 2020.

Thats right, see it on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble and Books a million Etc..  These stores sell books and keeping with the quality idea instead of the quanity idea of number of titles, this book is a winner.  


Granted some people make a living passing the plate and arguing about this stuff, still the idea was to find a different aspect of proving or finding this information.  It is from Uploads of Genealogy files to the internet.


Yes everyone into Genealogy the 2nd leading hobby in the USA next to gardening uploaded something to do with the years 300 BC to 200 A.D.  Well not everyone but there were multiple sources.  And yes although told the uploads would never become someone elses property at upload times changes and hostility from those who charged for databases replaced those of us into the free exchange idea of Knowledge based upon the see of Alexandria in about 400 B. C.  But that is neither here nor there.


So at any rate the compiled version of the Ten Generations is available written by a Mensan with an Education from one or two board of trustees and holding two degrees in problem solving related to engineering, with the humanitites to back those, focused on authorship.


Arts and Enertainment


"For a limited time, Authors and Inventors are entitled to their writings and discoveries"  From the United States of America Constitution.


Have a Good day. !!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving !

Ok the Web Site is international and this is the Starr Books Web Site. Being a Native of the USA then it behooves me to address some very good news to the world.

First a small little amount about the Author. Well I am Irish Scottish. If you run into a Scot then I am Scot-Irish. There were many Monasteries in Great Britain, where England (Name given when London conquered by France) especially Judicael. He was a Briton, With Thor or Art of Thor his sword ruled, until the Irish Rebellion. At that time I was likely Scottish so since my Great Great Great Grandmother was Irish I can claim the Irish legacy. Likely those MOnesteries spun off the Vulgate Version of the collections of Holy books. See the Book of Kells, the LIndsfarne books (Time of Art of Strength or Thor thus the name Arthur) and the Book of Durrow. Yes these are sacred and are a very large part of the Irish Tradition. When people from other cultures around the world it customary to remain humble and speak of children of a lesser God, meaning that we meet in all the roads that lead to rome about 1000 years ago and past that what is ours is ours and what is yours is yours.

I could also possibly claim the O'Brien Messenger press if my books were good enough, which a las they likely are not. And as Brian the supposed Christ or King of Scotland, the idea becomes for some King for a Day. And then for others the idea of one sword like the Winchester ruling and breaking Exclaibur (Art of Thors ) Sword and staying in the rule of the Sword Supreme.
People do not realize that to make teeth it takes an ocean journey such as from Ireland to Northern Spain for raids or whatever and then the teeth have the difference of the Ocean or the Brine, (sounds the same but when drinking as water supply does increase constitution. Thus as a do (If you can you know #2) drinking a belly full of brine a day will make you a sailor. but you only got about a week to find fresh water etc.... or so the Sailor Stories Go.

So thus the Norse men would come to Northern Spain, some for trade the ideal of the Tooth Fairy, give the sailor a broad in the dock area and then the kids grow teeth, the sailor sails off and all is well. So come on the Irish King Brian is not the Tooth Fairy.

So the good news is for many english, welsh, Irish and Scottish in an effort to take care of business sank to the level of those in the Emperor of Italy 's invention of the Goo or the pasta. Yes that is Italian and they will fight about it. However deep in the heart of the place the church existed for many thousands of years, and yes some people like to swear frofusely and stay there and well sell and eat stale bread and small coins and fix games for the rafels for those deserving.

One All Souls Day in 2000 (Thats October 31 or Halloween or the day Wolfgang Ameadeaus takes care of unnatural hair growth among embryo's in the womb, (Saint Wolfgang was raised to the altars, and yes both myself and my sibling's husband are named Brian and both of us went to North Carolina State where most of my undergraduate degree work was and the school team was Home of the Wolfpack. (We are really not cub scouts though !!!)) then again the worms have no lungs so City State of Florence makes a bid for Dante's Inferno, and yes these people do have their own coiner and yes cold blooded birds eat cold blooded worms and also birdseed.

So since I compained so much about the Knights of Columbus using my sir name for a Star council, will they two bit coins and called a pauper etc, until the Founder of K of C (thats Knights of Columbus) not Kentucky Fried Chicken? got the Dedication written for so many of my titles Dedicated to the cause for Sainthood for Venerable Servant of God Father Michael McGivney, so well I guess the Knighthoods can fix any game I guess. (Thats called a Knights cooperation not a plea for mercy) So thats the good news meaning, that invoked the founder can be a good servant, can call all the Saints in his bloodline (Venerable) and call a helper that perfectly fits whoever is in need, which of course does no one anygood because look thats just the Beatus, or the Beautiful Michael, and not yet the Saint, so Keep on working on it. At least he is Irish. !!! So that makes it easier so sayings like Good Aries let us win all wars (A saying I learned in Argentina) it makes it easer to just say let the Irish good of War handle it , Yes Michael its your Tuckas.      (And do not forget the Authors middle name if not for the Press in the Holy book since that one was written then where would you be today? )

Other good news is that research goes on and the more geneology that goes together such as the World Tree etc... the past gets better and better, thanks for the HIstory courses and the philosophy, the religious courses and they get better as the years go by, mine now about 38 or years old. But the study in the Humanities that you pick in higher education will stay with you, possibly because you are interested and thats why you chose those humanities.

So like ground hog day, (Also an American Tradition like Thanksgiving, where the turkey and the deer and the seafood from Cape Cod come to plate) the otter will always beat the beaver in the water while the beaver will build the dam. (Yes there are many types of ground hogs in the USA especially in the Ohio Chippawah nation where I now reside )

So thanks for the new Blessed, and likely becoming a Saint. John Paul II was Dedicated and he was raised to the Altars, also an added dedication would be for the people in WWI who put their faith in the Star, these people will always be with us and likely in more charge of those who bare the Sword.


And the TV flashed it up there, with a brown background.  You are now a Browns Fan,  and yes the Home team here in Cleveland is Winning for once.



Copyright by Mister Brian D. Starr November 16th 2020 Happy Thanksgiving

Divorced Man Watching the Tuscany and the Civil Law of the Superpower USA.

The say that smoking is cured after 7 years.  No cigars for seven years means your lungs have recovered.  One cigarette or cigar however start over !!!


My daughter was born so I went out and bought a box of Cigars.  My now x-wife said if you smoke that cigar I will divorce you.  Seemed like a bad idea at the time so I treasured the cigar.  Then in 2014 I thought it was a good idea.  Well it was and so the civil law divorce came through.  


Apparently the other Parent is confused about the Tribunal aspect of the Civil Law of Divorce.  Likely similiar to WWI and WW2 someone tried to get a Civil Law Divorce of Tuscany and make some world wars.  Well This disclaimer is so I dont go down for that.  Yes it is about the different countries involved and the neutrality of said contries like Switzerland and the Vatican,   Unlike the Pergammous Countries like the USA,  since 1776 and Cuba (since 1958) and Australia since 1901 !!


A wisdom of Judaism Quote says "Sins of the Father are forgiven after four generations"  (Now Judaism is strict 22 letter alphabet so a generation is 40 years so its 160 years)


I hope Australia makes it.  Its close.  The Dominican Republic has a reasonable price on cigars.   !!!


Anyway its not really counter intelligence in Argentina when they say Cee !!!  (I would like ot buy some vitamin C!!)   See!!  See!  No comprehend ??  Vitamin C?  Rose a Hippa !!


See !!!  See!!  No hablo English,    I said Hablo ESpanol pecito!!!! The civil divorce is now five years old this coming November 15th 2020.


Copyright September 30 2020  by Mister Brian D. Starr

The Title Mister helps with being Sardonic after divorce of course
So says Divorced Man.

The title of Mister is available only to the divorced.  The abreviated title Mr. is availble only to the married.


So says Divorced Man.


The suffix is of course not the prefix.


So says Divorced Man.


Thanks for the Grandma degree From Baldwin Wallace here in Ohio. Isn't their major school Law with library science?  Moms Kent State has Rotted Rusty Chain of commands problems worse than the Boot camp. At least I canot be part of a chain of command for my daughters Educational School 4 yearer.


So says Divorced Man.


Engineering Majors have got to be the best and the cheaper than the Army corp



So says Divorced Man.



Another Business Year

Due to the Helvetica Font. The Atlantic Ocean wins with Gretest Debt.  Due to the Chippawaw Nation related to 19 Crimes Vinter Whoever the Lady from Levinworth was.  These Temperance society people are so mean about the disease of Alcoholism.


Founding excessive business license results in the counterfit business gaining.


Those against the vacation for the Catholic are about the Catholic League.  Confirmed at the Temple built by Ss. Mary and Edward Hyde to defeat the killing of divorce, with the leaves of grass sword of the blade of sogrum not the Elijah and sister Sharon of the Jewish fairy tales.  the Gem there of the tooth.


The humor involved with the falling ball on January first was in refernce to Mr. Sterns defense of Freedom of Speech. in confession Facing the Stern Starboard is always in the right.  The age of the Master of the ship is now in the Tuna Pit with the Grape Pit at Mercy sunday the Cross in the Garrison of Peters Dragon.


 Moving the business address for the company to Euclid should open the eyes to the Physicians Dragon.  Held the code of the front to back as a business license username, password and code.


With the Covid 19 Crimes vinter,  the officers were correct in my new Kia Soul imponded before the Irish spring of the Irish Bobio group that watches Scotland yard, the Gi Bill brain Surgery of the Book of Durrow in rival to the Vulgate foul of the not so a Chicken Deleware.  The charge of pissing in the cup is a safe bet that I was not on the bottle.


The ward or Joidiah that Knocked off Talcott Seymour Starr spire is in pure Christian unity of Swordplay mine an old Calvary Sword of the Nathaniel Dustin or the biggest hoof here the Buck or Deer.


This reminds me of the trip to the Bahamas, or as the Ba Hay Ma in Person County where the Pine waste of Pamplets are the pain of repayment to the Author of the Phamplet to whoever the pahplets went to.  So the Caeaan agreed to and published as the son HIVI or Hives due to Timothy grass that particular plague called Aids is not for my experiment of the Chippawah Nation blood ours the California nature of War.  


So if that gives hope to the Aids victims.  All of it being passive in the Hyllus of a four year degree from a non military School like Thomas Edison State now University, although my post military completion Bachelor course paid for and in the Black.


I think the age of consent or lying about that therof for each state is good.


Other milepoints, revision of the Universal without mistakes in translation to Aramatic.  Second Edition published on Leap day a 366 year that splits.  Hiding of course on Leap day.  The lady could hear, although a martyr she is worth the Virgil keeping here in mind.


 Taxes paid on April 15th instead of the extension to October.



Copyright 8/28/2020.


Soothsayers and card players with Charles Goren teaching autobridge.  Concerns in King Joash to raise our own house Gabriel may be a reason to put up with the responsibilities of Land Ownership.  Here in Ohio in the western reserve officer group, although to preserve my immortal concern bani to Hestia, Hera, and my second born in the pecking order Prometheis, Epitheis Poisieden and Zeus.  With the mortal undrestanding of the Mortal becoming of the ladies Cymestria, Alceme Leto, and others, the lady make is one for the Concern as mentioned by Abilmelech as the concern for Hades, when the Captured General Josphesus tells all to the enemy as an informant.


With the state Capital Columbus the colums of Athena, or the crust of the earth the Teutonic, the Ionian, or Admiral and the Captain Ulyseses who suceeded after the Civil War dissatisfaction of prolonged warfare, was it the length of the warfare.  Since 911 immortals of rank its been 19 years.


At least my imortal soul is not really a vehicle, and the irish spring of the crick of Ireland a Terrible Beauty  is not like my Grandfathers crick or Creek.


The breaking of the monitor of Petros dragon or the lineage of the  Pope, now is really not funny as I have gained a span, or ten years gone since I was declared Old at 50.


Until the Potamac can wash them clean let them serve in the territory


Thanks to Geico on winning a property claim versus an essential business during the Covid 19 


Buying goods will not work to gain capital if the goods sold are hot !!!  So taking the business risk on Autions like Police Auctions, Good will industries and Ebay are difficult.  Why risk the greater percentage of gain.  Paying the Tithe to the keeping Captain Timothy Starrs memory alive is more difficult with wards destroyed and of course the crime of the Brain Surgery helps the Cristian Challenge to Swordplay again even with a Nate Starr blade.  it proves here as the secular Military death before dishonor might be worth a brain bleed confession when the SBI gets bigger than the Fedelmia part of the Washington Alliance of All the sherifs.


So a public assertation of my need to know after disharge now 35 years mandatory retirement.  At least I Served qnd Got an honorable 35 years ago.  The strongest Roman are Jewish of course.  Thus the six point yankee doodle of the Marduck without the feather quill leaving the paper


If this generatates Hope for maia or the Gaia under the jail.  or leads to a cure of the Plague.  My lack of spirit soon to commence, as a Maternal Angry of the Hills, I would rather have two Grandfathers.


Swordplay repeats as does the Killing fields of Demitry.


Anyway have a new soul vehicle.  I guess I daned shabbat I think as my mother with her friend Judith


Some  travel during retirement might be my duty.


Until there is more News in the Torah, and the Fortification guarding the five books from singe or ephod scrape to cure 


Possibly an Identity theft of my name by inignia, likely loose that during war, now 53 years of my life at arms at war since 1960.  Eight years peace on average per Centurian.


Later perhaps after big bird Puppet bay .


Perhaps the move against the labors party as a gain in rank of Stricker, as LCPL in the King Elfin to bless someone elses Child.  I must keep my temper in the Torrant of the Storm.


Until Next time.  
















Library of Congress Additions

As ab author I have an opinion that most readers do not understand that for a book to be included in the public library it needs to be registered with the Library of Congress.  So as an Author including a Library of Congress Catalog Number increases the market of people who may be allowed to buy the book.  Thats simple econonomics, the bigger the market the greater the chance for a sale.  So also if the Author is able to attain a Library of Congress Catalog Number then the book should be sent to the Library of Congress for inclusion on their book shelves.  


Starr Books sent 13 additional books by Brian Starr to the Library of Congress, and the total books there now according to a search by the name of the Author is now counted as 43.



Copyright 4 10 2020 by Brian Starr all rights reserved.   

Second Editions and God the Greeks now Available.

Second Editions Now Available !!!


First Editions for many of the titles offered by Starr Books came out in 2008 to 2011. Then in the Authors transition to Ohio, and incorporation there, the books manuscripts became lost, possibly due to lack of diligence on the Authors part.


Finally in 2019 an old archive was discovered that had many of the books original manuscripts.
So the second edition of these titles is now available. The Second edition is the addition of the extra three generations for the changing from five generations to eight generations.


In addition the trip to the Vatican took place in 2011, while the lost manuscripts were published perviously, thus showing the ideas were not part of the Vatican trip or the political parties there within.


The only changes to the first edititions are the changed title page with the new Library of Congress Catalog Number, LCCN, and the dedication is different. There is an insertion of the table of contents for the second edition (two pages) before the first edition, and the last page showing the Gedcom offer is now lost.


So Please enjoy.


The books are available on Lulu.com as a distributor, and Amazon. com as a distributor.


The prices vary book to book.
Here is a list of the Titles:
⦁ The Ancestral Secrets of Knighthood,

⦁ The Answer to the Generations of Galilee

⦁ The Saints of Galilee

⦁ The Book of the Priest or the Tree of Galilee

⦁ The Saintly Defense

⦁ The Mysteries of the Knight


Also Gods The Greeks released and approved for publication on the day 60 of the year, thats right February 29th on Leap Day !!


The author is pleased to say he is still divorced and still unmarried, now four years and one quarter year !!!


copyright March 2, 2020

Starr Books Making Progress Holidays 2019

This is written eight days before the New Year's Day


New Review on the Way


Second Editions


As the Author I have figured out that editing old texts previously published is not as good as the Second Edition.  Just take the older manuscript and add what new aspects of the title that the book pertains too.

New Releases


Our Lady of the Lake

In Both Paperback and Hardcover

The Hardcover is pricey but some people like to spend on a quality title.  The softcover is larger, in the notebook sizes of 8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11, while the Hardcover is 6 x 9.


The Priest The Knight and Zeus got its Second Printing as well.


Not yet released in Hardcover, but the additions are there to the older work.


Cornebo's Ssnta Sleight Jokes,


Really (I am sure not will likely believe me but the second letter in Santa is a fat finger on the s key right next to the a key,)


Its pretty funny I guess.  I overwatered the Corn Stalk and its down for the count but I measured it it was 13 inches.  It had smaller similar stalks.


Starr Books are selling well for the Holidays !!!  Thanks.

Starr Books Sells Books

The Second Printing of some Titles, due to being obsoleted and taken out of Print has gone well.


The Title Solar Solutions passed the Proofread the first time, its second edition available on Lulu.com/bookstore


The Titles The Priest, the Knight and Zeus, passed not the first proofread and are available now as a Second Printing on Lulu.com/bookstore. In Addition the copies were released on Kindle Direct Publishing, a divison of Amazon, who is now distributing the copies to Amazon and other Internet Outlets.


The Second Printing on Kindle took a few revisions to get it right, and now the New Information in the Second Printing is there, as well as the Assets of Kindle Direct Publishing again growing as the new process of publishing is Understood by the Author and Owner of Starr Books.

The Title the Disporia as Known will not go into a second printing, but be kept as a first edition with a title change for the final copy soon to be released. !!!
The Title The KnightMaker is again available as a Second Printing on Lulu.com/Bookstore.


All Titles on Lulu become available on Lulu.com/Bookstore before they are redistributed to the internet Giants, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, BAM !! and ABe Books etc and all other distributors.


Plus the ebooks are different as there is no printing cost. however the reader has to be able to read an ebook, so Nook, or the Amazon reader, or Adobe Acrobat reader all of these for sale as a copyrighted piece of equipment or for sale for profit type of device or software for the Apple or IBM based computer, the software is available for ebooks.


The profit margin is higher for ebooks, while the cost of duplication is minimal, requiring the internet or email, the rights to the Author and the Copyrights are in continued debate at the Authors Guild where I am a Member, the most recent opening case known is the Audio Book released as being read from a copyrighted material, while the book is not part of a redistribution plan for the owner of the Copyright.


As the Copyright Law is Part of the US constitution, where the quote is similar to "For a Limited Time the Writer and the Inventor are entitled to their Writings and Discoveries. "


Who then can exploit the Authors and Inventors rights to Copyright Law. Well the Limited Time is not the LLC called the Limited. It is a word entered two hundred and thirty three years ago, not a new company with a LLC in one of the 50 States or two or more etc. The Writer as a registered Author will get a Writing room as part of your home, while the Library Law gets involved then the shelving in the books stores gets complicated.


As Mister Starr, the only Origen I know of (meaning original idea of invention) is Jedidiah Starr invention called the Revolver. Beats the Fowler with the Hammer and one shot, while the rapid fire idea is said to save more lives than it takes.


The manufacture of the Revolver got involved with the N Starr Calvary Sword and that particular line of the Starr Branches from Comfort Starr is well funded in part if not all in Arms and Munitions for the US Government, while the Authors line is clean from the taking of Life on the Mainland since Constable Joseph Starr in 1711, and on the Ocean since Captain Timothy Starr in the Revolution,

while the Captaincy victims (yes by his hand with a fowler ) is known and the exact location in the Helivatico Ocean is not known !!! (commonly called the Atlantic because it is the deepest Ocean (Fathom That !!) the idea is not to take Human Life and never swear anything such as I am responsible for an office. (The Author has expericence as a Zappenpenathol in a Club called the Mayflower Society at a State level (Baronies unknown ) ) while the Origen of the Revolover is possiby mentioned in the Invention Magazine of Thomas Edison State University (I am a Grad there !!) and the Alumni Magazine is the Invention, while Thomas A. Edsion is credited with the Invention Convention including Innovations to previous inventions (like the machine gun, the Gatling Gun, the Cluster Bomb etc... )


And the Antecedents of mine I am  sure also from the First Carravan to the Connecticut Western Reserve the Wright Brothers invented the Airplane or Flying Machine and are likely credited. (New Guys on the Playing Field )  While Marconi is considered a Radio Guy.
So anyway with so much confusion about the transition from an Artisan (Engineer) (Both Electrical and Electronic (one based on the Other ) ) the Artistry of Sailing the Seas in an Authorship (reaching Epic Proportions (what Weather we are having (possibly the Thomas Jefferson Washing Machine) (Before I am taken to the laundry !!)   a Good way to Take a Vacation.!!!  If you missed that this summer take a break,  The Whales are jumping on the Float to Alaska where land is free  !!!

See my new Second editions on the Internet, and coming soon.


Recipes by the Chef, From the Viewpoint of an Engineer
(So far have Twenty plus recipes one per page for a book still not enough for publish and excesive engineering notes on energy and chemical process of the food in the Chef's control)

And Coming Soon

Cornebo's Santa Sleigh Jokes !!!


Preview ---- You Sleigh Me. Ha ! Ha !  

Tomorrow is the Authors Birthday, Update on Progress of Starr Books.

One and a half years ago I decided to focus Starr Books efforts on the Authorship side of the Business.  While I have been writting Engineering Manuals, for the last 30 plus years, then again the first bootleg CD's of Starr Books was sold on Ebay about 2005.  Soon After the First Business License from Hendersonville TN was made in 2008, and the Second Business License Here in Ohio in 2013-2014.  With the Authorization for Consulting Engineering and Authorship, much of the course work from my Associates Degree and Bachloreate in Engineering apply to both Engineering and Authorship.   The Humanities of the Bachloreate especially, as well as the English Courses, the Philosophies and the computer science courses related to research on the internet.


Continuing then the extra course pursued since then as a Continuing Education Unit if earned give credit for things Like Running your own Business or How to be a consulting Engineer.  Joining two Chambers, both local to the business license address, is important, and keeping current with the status of the business is also important.


Since the last year and a half the idea that the books will have a copyright and be my own asset for the next 50 years, although that asset is marketable, it makes sense to put the quality in the books, while what is previously published is a text and copyright on its own, standing for the next 50 years.

So the idea that the books beginnings lead to further information and conclusions, as well as facts found, the more the books will sell over the next 50 years, hopefully making a good income stream for retirement and improving my immortallity thru the centuries.  (Those are usually Salesmans Pitches used to sell ads to market the books).


The perfect book may have been written years ago, and the idea of joining the Poetic Society for Epicness is a thought, while those Tomes have been in print for 1000 to 4000 years with different Translations.  


The Progress has been good, with the opposition usually expected to be there for a year or two until after three to five years the Books that are published lose their opposition and the Freedom of the Press and the Free Presses in this country Continue to Circulate around the Globe.  


So over the past year and a half, the progress has been very good, the prospects are looking up, the books sold and the New Assets of the New Titles continue to add worth to the company, while the time off from Engineering make it easier to not worry so much about safety rules in a plant or going on the floor to commission a new piece of equipment, The Authorship is simply a computer operation and research with a pencil, a paper, a pen, (use the pencil if the pen ball doesn't roll) and the use of the computer really does not ever cause a safety violation.  


So the Prospects, are good, the Progress is Great, and the Copyrights and assets keep growing.



Starr Books on five days before Authors Birthday.

As an Author I get alot of the exciled from their county here where I live. Because I have a money and an account, due to the new laws in the UN the people from other countries, especially from countries where I have been a tourist like the Bahamas, and Mexico, and Argentina, those countries seem to think that as a tourist and a bearer of arms at a noble rank I should offer more that a page. Well I am an author they are for sale.
So anyway the tourism is not dead, and the people from the Union side of the Civil War are OK but the rest are sublect to Luther Starr, died 1818 born 1850. He could not be in the Civil War cause the Grand Army of the Republic made the enemy sign an treaty and pay entreaty to the Union, and since Luther did not get to fight, so again the Stone Speaks,
And Luther Starr Felled a Lot of Trees.
And the Starr House he built has a Plaque of a Hundred Years.
So many follow from Tennessee and North Carolina where this Author was treated like a piece of (@@#@#!). Worse than a Marine DD214 i 1985 Sechar Nature of Discharge Honorable,
I met a Lady, her Last name Was Lance. The E3 rank is LCPL. The Insignia is what its about.
The Lancealot Ware from the Mensa international founder is likey part of what makes the Great Britain people so glad when someone named Adams has to Start over with an Adam at the son of Ninmah, and then however many generations since then. Since the Man is Spent at War.
Another War with Great Britain would be a PLeasure since they betrayed in the Treaty of Paris and Captain Timothy Starr who Captured the Theif Lawson and Brought him to Justice, as cited in James Clavell's Tarnslation the Art of War. The Chinese are the greatest Ally form WW2 we Got, while the Ladies from Russian are as Sexy as the Saxonony Princess the Hart Group. So anyway the Treaty of Paris was in effect when the Great Britainers Betrayed them.. After so many years You still cannot trust them.
So also the Girls on the INternet. Eliza Allen Starr is a Servant of God, if a man hurts u don;'t go after other men. At least this American (blood from Jane Sandusky ) and proud of My Great Grandmother Anna Faye Starr born in Keokuk land (Iowa Lakota)
So Feed my Bison Eldorado. Make the Sogram Grass Grow.
The Eldorado is an animal like the exciles from Foreign lands. If you take a human life then you are two humans I guess. I was looking for a spider women for myself, since in about 1975 i killed about 4 black widow spiders, and I think I got a brown recluse once, not sure. But there was a spider three days ago Spider women could identify. Ha Ha. May be not venoumous I dont know. and there was a small snake that was glued to the board, used to catch mice at one of my land claims, and that snake was so stuck, I blame the Exterminator whose name I cannot reveal to the Grave, but I am Daniel anyway so thats my reptile. Anyway I learned I am not possessed. My Sib Mary smushed a snake head at age about 7 so of course she could not be repossible for the rest of her possessed life. (I guess).
And they think Brian is like a War Pig with Vietnam going on and zebra fish to breed and Siamese fighting fish to breed. These fish and those people keep tracjk,
Anyway. Just Thought you would like to Know.

Oh Yeah make it to 59 in five days. Yeah Mister unhapy without Wive (v has two sticks Dr. Singh, so perhaps if sisters in lesbos could still be wive.)

So looking for second Wive. HInt HInt....

7 29 2019

Authors Birthday,  ten or eleven years away,  Daughter Birthday in past, both still LEO


Dad Capricorn,  my teach how to make Corn on Foot.


Mom,  Virgo,


Thats all the Family obligations for the Founder of StarrCAE and Starr Books.


Business Competiton fierce for the Consuting Engineering and Author ship on the Business license here in OHIO




This is a message made on HOT BOT after next generation computer genuis folks took liberites and tried computer rage.


Site was Information Security,  center.


Really guys do we need more help with this until your credentials show over 50, founder,  Engineer that can listen and type,  (they got the attneuator button and sensitive clearance on the audio )

Dont give them a bell to ring the LIberty bell is cracked enough.


So here is the Quote.


For INformtion Securtiy cures computer RAge.  


YOu have my mac address. Who is not able to with security mac address limit internet access. Josh is Geagua Racoons eat squirrels as a swiming Dolphin judgement. Feed my Bison is orders.

Stop it Luther Starr Rock. Rockefeller old money, so Also Carnegee, Reginald, tea leaves, Lt Major,

Comflict of Security interest.

Starr five points on pentagon. please

Gummy MOntgomery.
In your County
INternet security compromised here ibf, alsa my lae tells me ala upset.

NOt in need ot Saint Columba

NOw as BRian Starr, who is interferint with information before 1775, when office of homeland security runs out of Jurisdiction, interfereing with my University Business License, my inheritance University Business License, and my INherited College License, While the Commander in Chief tells me that he does not want these to Know who got him his Honorary Harvard, and the Scholars there lose every arguement against them founder Comfort Starr, acknowledge, past military experience myself.

So Mae address from each device in a database, the Commander in Chief in Charge, let the mammals swim in fresh water Beaver is Geagua meat.

Now Starr CAE business license is Small Business Large Corps, IBM (HAL) and others take over the Software stuff, like Penthouse friend of the Officer, lady my title Mister Theives Guild promise OUr lady of Lake Safe in Madison, Town in Tennessee either DAvidson or Sumner County Tennessee. A Divorcee...

Now keep your intentions to yourself, let the military run everything during war, while the rank and file, get rusty tools for Ashley's nails, so Ashley don't mess with him

Exploition of Communication medium from Radio not allowed with 35 post military experience.

Check out Stanford Who is who.

Now get off my Mac, Standard Code of MIlitary Justice.

Business LIcense State of OHIO (means primitive War) Feed my Bison
WE would be happy to entertain u.
Please come to OHIO

Looking for full acceptance of OHIO as STate of MInd forever for all involved.

Rank Pergammon, Greatest under insignia.

Looking for Keys to registered software since 1995, using same email bdanstarr@aol.com Turner communication group, allied electronics allready in Force One.

Find program.

I have remote keyboard, find, explain rights, sentence to OHIO (war forever) give under my command, Starr etc.. and prosecute.

Force then to GOP we own the water you do not.

Also force respect for Commander in Chief.

Keep Convicted Convicts in Sing sing even if not trained in Parris Island Beaufort, use Lady Law Auadrilla from Ruth Beirut for Hand of Lady Law Revolver, she is under control during firing divert to non vital organ.

Get the picture ?

Now Fix it U r IT.

I am Engineering.

If you force me To Resnick I am still Free there 2.

Main Question.

Take the rights from me and do you think I will not revenge them?

Second Question,

Take your trust from me and same.

Third Question,

What information is classified in USA not related to Defense as far as SS# 246 11 3157? Mine. Issued in Pennsyvania,

Fourth, why does not Command keep Rank and File who take HUman LIfe Rank and file duration of LIfe (expected ) while further generations, once you mess up, thats a scratch, ) off my Captaincy ass to Water my Elephants, (GOP since 1776.)

Fifth. Why do I not control more of the defense department as the founder of Starr CAE? and who can stand against the USA? Also See of Alexandria believe in free press and library information.

Sixth, why would a small business concern such as StarrCAE be a threat to the Commander in Chief unless the slander is a threat here at
2000 Malvern Ave
DAyton OH 45406

I am in APT 4.

I assure u APT 4 is not a threat. Check with Landlord Hayes possilbe Originaltion Tennessee, while APT 1,2,3 interfence, intolerable and unamerican.

My Intelligence amerian mensa check the register.

Also my books for sale to Common Sense americans as well as entire World thru internet outlets.

So why not allow full access to all from each server, and limit investigation to the OHIO justice System for the OHIO internet and the PENTAGON clearances to those who served, with clearances, and allow us to retire and compete as Authors and Engineers, fully documented and good credential, put it on the server and subject and force internet snoops to service against the countered counter espionoge group.

Ohio is my Homeland, force the excile to those who have killed without a priest in the military or whatever see, and thus Justice is served to those who take a human beings life, while the Fear montior for those who take a life in the MIltary of the USA, while tourist of same allies are told and of Axis in Vertsaille entreaty are also told. Also the Entreaty of Appomatox no Mary Jane treat if children not good.




Buy the way if in office environement and the Autodesk shows up check the drawers, hire Hot Bot fellow engineer if possible,  give her one puff, let her take five steps,  then both try not to goggle all day and cuss everyone out we are doing engineering here and then both go home to family.


So far still at home office away from registered PO business address.  PO box 43


Remember WWII in Entreaty and keep the Mary Jane treat from the kids.  Gubers are a forty year row in the south,  while Comfort and Mary landed in Charleston Boston area, some of the Starr Ladies in Virginia, before the entreaty of Appottmatox.


Great Great Grandma Jennie Still part of Starr concern.


Have a Good Day  !!!

My Middle Name is Daniel

I can see three days ahead today that the computer thinks is 7 13 2019.   I am not a Saint.  !!!!

The Virtues of Women

The Virtues of Women

If a man had to choose, what would the Virtues of Women Be?
Savings, Thriftyness, and not leaseing or renting, but owning.
Beauty of course.
Temperance, how can a man give her what she wants?
The Virtue of Divine love, for a Women can always love in every way.
The Virtue of Strenth, for the one most often called seems to be the one to be able to defend oneself, which produces strenght.
The Virtue of Judgement is a Virtue that is best left to be Life, the only Virtue Greater than Judgement.

To find and make sure each of these women is on track, or already made is a good idea.  (some of these women are found in the condition of a need, after being raped or killed by a bad person, thus they get redeemed.)
And to figure out who they are is also a good idea.

Some Days
Yesterday was Great.

Some Days as an Author you do the research, and some days it does no good.
Yesterday was a great day, I went up in the Genealogy, and I found like most of it I was looking for. Now today, everybody seems to omnicienatley know I got something, so they come. But its like the the Dipoloma, All the rights and privelages therunto apertaining.
So they start figuring out that helps them, and its good business...
So you blog yesterday was good, cause they watch this stuff on the Genealogy, like all the People do.
And so it goes. Now take a day or two to let them buy the copy and get the books and their business to go where it needs to go. After all after the copyright its for only 5 decades.
Plus the internet takes it overseas.

The Prediction of the Next Work  by StarrCAE or STarr  Books.

The Latest work being done and Authored by Starr Books or StarrCAE is now making good progress.
The idea of taking the descent of all the disporia and their families and bringing it all back together has almost been completed.
The fact is that most of the Charts are already in Starr Books, except the Unions with the Disporia are not shown, so simply copying the charts and adding the Ladies makes this all possible.
This is true for about 80 percent of the Carts, while just in the Last two weeks I have finished the Kasimir, and the Mamikonian.
So the prospect of getting this all published in the next few months is a good possibility.

The Primates in Ohio with the Hiffman DAmn.

I saw a Primate on TV.
It was a Monkey with a funny nose.

It would breathe like a Huff.

OHIO DAMN is the Huffman.

Somehow when I was a Certified Professional Technician
The Honorable Mr. Huffman gave me his John Hancock.

Through the years counting all the signatures you collected
can become quite a list.

The most Able you are, and you are not entitled to a violent death,
the stronger you get. However leg presses twenty reps at 460 pounds can cause
a rabbid heart beat. Problem buying and taking the Glucousiment Condriten to
heal the pads between the knee caps and the legs takes about 6 months.

Crystaling structures like diamonds are expensive, as a rock hound the diamond dust
polishes a corundum (Ruby if Red, Saphire if anything else) will make a quite a good
reflective six point star if you hold the gem right, and you can sell it on the
road if you can get someone to pay, if its got a crack in it problably not.

Roger Rabbit, who could count greater than 8 any way.

Bronze is about the most difficult thing to find.

To honor the LIne of Captain John Starr, who served in the Tower
of London for years, his eldest son, JOhn Starr IV, apart from the
famous bottelers 19 crimes, (Brian and Henry) Sir Richard Starr served in the
Alamo. One of em ran off.

Davey Crockett was from Tennessee. You know how the Jacksons can get political.

The line of Starr's I am from well John Starr IV mght have insulted his little brother
Thomas, at least his line bought a manor.

My Great Great Grandfather, Luther, probably got a lot of insults from
his big brother Norman. Course NOrman was a War Hero. Luther was fifteen when the
Enemy surrendered. I hear they are almost reformed. Takes about 160 years in the garden.

Bought some plant seeds since the rose plants I bought, they just die. Its like getting a green Thumb
ID at the Grocery in Texas.

Anyway I planted an Acorn Squash seeds after I ate it and some of them grew, for a little while, there were
three, now theres one. Theres always hope though !!!!

Since the flower pot were empty, well dont waste the dirt!!!!!

Buying furniture is fun, and the book shelf is chaaper at the store empty than with my works on
it whereever.

The stock market looks like a good way to plan to lose. I am into that.

WE had a pro at a country club where I was a social member.

There was a dance and a strobe light. I don't think the x wife can Metatron right.

The only fault I find in this city, no Twisted Kilt, We got a HOoters though. another one close

All it takes is an investor I guess. SAme Corpration business owned in the South like Marietta, in the Marina.

OHIO is fresh water state though. Some sing about the girls from California are pretty, North Cental and South,

The girls from OHIO are the best!!!!

Its a Native thing.


New Release !!!  5-13-2019
The Red Stones

The Two Born Second Sons, both very powerful, however still second born.  Nathan, second of Solomon,  and then Jacob, second of Esau.  The Author in all humility has no idea what a brother is.  In such circumstance the author really does not care if some of us have problems with the first born eldest born son.


Anyway the idea in the Authors humble guess, is that if you are not born as the first born son, then well then I guess you are jealous, or not.


Unless of course the Father lies about it and the alter ceremonies of the things like marriage don't apply, or in the case of the Authors name in the Middle you are raised in silence.    No idea again about doubting that the author is the eldest born.


The Author must also thank those who beleive that the name Brian is a holy name.  My Nicolas name or my Nick name is Brain.     Brain figure it out.


The Two Stones of Red.  The second born must be of risk to the first born's people.  Sort of wish there had been a second born for the author.  Oh Well.

New Release!!! 5-13-2019
The Cousins,  Sechar and Isova

The cousins of Rebecca,  especially noting the relationships leading to the creation of Sechar, and Isova.


The idea that two cousins must have at least one grandparent that each of the cousins have.


So,  if there was a logic puzzle, To be a cousin,  how about Dad and Daughter,  Yep,  Bethuel and Rebecca are cousins but not lovers.  (of course unless of course it is not honorable).   How extensive does this get?


Sarah has Eight daughters by seven Husbands, before having a son, and the fourth father of the Daughter is the father of Isova.   This lady is the median of the daughters, as in seven husbands and she is number 4.


Sechar is likely the daughter of Rebecca due to a sons jealouly of his second born status.  Not to let his brother look away or execute the older brother.   


An Interesting read likely sensored in some countries,  whether or not the press is sensored in the America, or USA is at question by this author.   

New Release !!!  5-13-2019
The Generations Eight

Eight Generations to explain the common law and the High Priest Phannias 88th High Priest, and eight generations that start seven generations before the crucifiction.........  A common practice done by Nero's Party.



Seven Generations until the Crucifiction, and one Generation After.  The fire in Rome not part of this book.

New Release!! 5-13-2019
Mister's book of Poems after the Writ

Inspiration inspired by powerful minds of Chantilly, enforced separation from the only daughter, and other thoughts related to new ladies interested in making of a new Kingdom.


These poems were written while really enjoying life.


Under intense propaganda, the televisions that do not report news from the front, with the markers like the Bagdad, and the Kuwait, and other markers that might sell a poem.


I ambic pentameter.  At the AARP age of 58 then I will keep my fingers and toes attached.    And Poe as in Edgar Allen POe as Pyme had a bunch of not life.


Well I am a published Artist in the Authors Guild.   I dont know if I can join the POeticah.


Aristotles, Translations, Prior Anylictics, and Posterior anylitics, are not that difficult as a degreeed Engineer.,   Artist is high er   than Artisan.


Thank god for the Models, and the Acresses that are Artists.




New Release !!! 5-13-2019
The KnightMaker
The Nine Worthy Warriors of Mankind, The Veneration and Descent of Saints, The Common Law.
The idea that there is an organized way to be and become a Knight.   Thru the history of Christianity.
After all a Jib Jab by the President,   yes there was a Crusade.

The KnighMaker is about a Knighted Military.  The Art of War,  Those of us who have chosen not to be cloth, and wait for Asher to light us Up.


Look out there are really people who are knighted   And the Blue Knight is only the confidentiality of a non primitive type of Military that is really like very colorfull.


Colors are confusing in reference to a Lance or Paladin, or a Insignia wearing type of copper and bronze forged type of forges.


I mean you gonna start with Or and then give real or to these guys that are trained to Kill.  LIke the Knighted Military from everywhere.  




Title Bestowed under control,  by the Vicar of Christ.



New Release!! 5-13-2019
Semites and Mighty Men    
The Twelve Tribes, the Mighty Men of the Protection of David, and the hidden laws of Moses.

Semites and MIghty Men have the first few generations from the father and the semetic tribes, the cousins of Rebecca, and the lineages of Moses.   Before the state goes into war against people who are Christian and some might attack the jewish people,  the author of this work will not unless someone makes arrangements to force the issue.   


In view of the anti semitism in this state of the USA the author takes a stand as a zionist.  I do eat apples guys.


Hopefully anyone attacking anyone else for any reason,  of course if violent then the authorities might care or not.

New Release !! 5-13-2019

The Gatam



The second born of Reumah, the wife of Nahor, who becomes missing.



Editing without the owners permission, and the bath lady with the sake in the bath, and Reumah is certain that Gatam is the second born,  and Na,  I mean do you need to go ,   Na Hor  anyway she was somewhere.   Third Born from where?


Of Course Reumah the lady that the first Reumah whose thrid born was Maka who got the Sarape from Serug and then when Gatam disappeared then she thought to look south and to assume the sarape type name then her fifth husband who with the new Reumah, then anyway of Seven Husbands of the Sarape girl as in the fourth being the median of the seven,  like three, then one, then three, so the middle one daughter might be Isova?



NOW RELEASED !!!   Venerations and Navigations for Eliza Allen Starr

Eliza Allen Starr was a great author in the years between about 1850 and 1905.  She wrote Patron Saints that is available today on the internet as a reprint. 


Most of her books are now found only in Rare Book Stores.


Eliza was born Eliza Ann Starr and her mother was Lovina Allen so she got the name Eliza Allen Starr. 


She spent a number of years in the Vatican and wrote Pilgrims and Shrines.


The Author and Eliza Allen Starr have the same surline about ten generations us, so all the venerations and navigations for the author if ten generations up work also for Eliza Allen Starr.


The book then has these venerations from the Starr Lineage to the Saints and Blessed.


There is a section similar to that found in Find Your Saints, where the Major Saints go to many more saints.


These major Saints are


Saint Margaret


Blessed Charlemagne


Saint Judicael


Saint Brychan


Saint Raymond


From these saints go to over fifty more saints from each of the major Saints.


Eliza Allen Starr once helped the Sisters of the Holy Cross as it says in the Starr Family History of 1879 by Burgess Pratt Starr


Please buy this book if interested in Eliza Allen Starr and her life.



This is an Excerpt from Nobilities Law.    From the Introduction

INTRODUCTION   From Nobilities Law
    Knighthood, the Challenge
This book is about the secrets of the Christian/Judea religion that are not apparent to the average Christian that has not studied genealogy and knighthood.  All the secrets of the religion are no doubt in the Vatican and are known to different families and orders.  To think that any book of less than 400 pages could contain all the secrets of Knighthood would be ridiculous, so if the reader of this book learns only one secret, that would be good.  If the reader does not learn anything new at least the secrets he already knows have been reviewed.


A Christian Knight should know many secrets about the Christian Religion.  To list all that a Knight might come to know would be very difficult. 

Some claim divinity of veneration of the time of Galilee as a divinity.  Others claim divinity only comes from Zeus.  Possibly veneration of Abraham is a divinity.  He is the God of three religions.  Therefore there must be different kinds of Divinity.  Christian Divinity is likely different from Judaic and Islam Divinity.

The relationships to the Lord must be defended from Heresy and his divinity must be recognized at all times according to the Christians, but the Jews call him a Josh or a Joke, and the Islamic recognize him as a prophet. 

Since the beginning of the Christian Religion there has been armed conflict with factors opposed to the Kingdom the Lord would create.  These warriors have become Knights and other noble ranks in order to further the Kingdom of the Lord.

The papacy has been defended and many arguments among the nobility have resulted in the Chair of Peter to be in conflict with other factors, or anti-popes. However, the true Pope has always come back to own the papal seat.


There is a concept called nobility where the Knights Charity has been used to bless his fellow Knights, his King, his Emperor, and his foot soldiers and the people in the Kingdom where the Knight resides.  There is a ranking to the nobility that a Knight should know.


The first noble rank is Lord.   The second Knight,  the third Barron, the fourth Count, the fifth Earle, the sixth Duke, the seventh Prince, the eighth King and the last Emperor.  There are also noble ranks of Squire, Page, etc….  that are in truth part of the house of the Lord.


Many of these titles have become hereditary, such as Prince and King.  It seems in the subject of these noble ranks there is not much violence at the rank of Lord.  A little more at Knight, and at Barron (who holds land) some more.  Finally at King and Emperor the violence becomes wars and conquests, and defense of the Pope.


Therefore since these titles have become hereditary the lineage idea has taken more significance in Christianity.  Certainly more would be expected of someone descended from an Earle than from a Lord.  Only a King or Queen in times past could bestow the advancement of these ranks.  Therefore the noble would keep these ranks and houses would become known by these ranks.


A noble would be expected to try to attain more rank and success and so would strive to serve their King, (the term Christ in the Greek Language means King) and so advance their house.


To do this a Knight, or Page, or Squire, would expected to practice study and exercise and be ready to defend the Church and his liege lord or King.  The exercise would include war practice but the study would be about the Christian Religion, its Saints, and its previous Warriors.


There was a ranking of the Nine most worth Warriors of All time.  This could be disputed by anyone however the list contains three Warriors from the Christian era, three warriors of the Hebrews (biblical figures) and three warriors from other cultures including the Roman, Greek and Macedonian.  The three warriors from the Christian error are Duke Godfrey of Bouillion, Emperor Charlemange, and King Arthur of the Knights of the Round Table.  The three warriors from the Hebrew (Old testament) would be Joshua son of Nun, King David of Judea and Israel, and Judas Maccabeus.   The three warriors from other cultures would be Alexander the Great from Macedonia, Hector from Greece, and Julius Ceasar from Rome.  All nine of these warriors are significant to the study of Knighthood.  In this book the author will show the ancestry of each of these warriors, and their descendents if any are known. (Judas Maccabeus did not leave descendents, however his brother Simon called Thassi did).


Also involved in the Study of Knighthood is the subject of Saints.  Many of these Saints are involved with the royalty, or were in fact the royalty, and their lineage, ancestry, and descendents become important to the Knight.


More important to the Knight is the subject of the Saints who are involved with the canon of the bible, their relationships, their lineage and their descendents.  Many of these lines have been kept secret by the church, not because the church has a motive to keep secrets, but rather that the lines may not have any factual documentation or may have caused heresies or disputes.  The church primarily concerned with the Lord, would keep harmful doctrine away from the innocent, so that the innocent would not be harmed.  However as a Christian Knight becomes more knowledgeable with the doctrines and history of the Church and Knighthood in general more knowledge could be trusted with the Knight.


A Duke, Count or Baron would only allow his most trusted Knights in on some of these biblical secrets, and that knight would then advance the country, fief or Kingdom.


A Question comes up with the intent of writing the bible.  Most scholars agree the New Testament Gospels were written years after the passion of the lord (the cruxifixtion) by apostles, a scribe, and a physician. The letters of the bible concern the early church and were written as well.  There were many gospels however, many of them have survived to this present time and were not included in the canon.  Certainly a party that was not interested in Christianity would come to a few meetings, attend a few church gatherings, and then leave it alone. They would not be in on the relationships of the apostles, the study of the Saints, the secrets that only come thru years of study to the Christian.  Why then were these secrets hidden in the canon?  Was the divine intent that the family, the father, and other important aspects of society be protected?  Was the intent that only the intelligent enough to see the secrets be allowed to keep them?  The ideas could be easily presented to the reader of the canon but they were not.   Possibly the ideas need to be arrived at by the individual, not presented in a way that could be rejected.


Eight Generations That Made the Lord God

The Book is Now Released.   Eight Generations that made the Lord God shows how a people faced with conquest by the Roman Empire came to make a Great Hero.


Starting from seven generations back from the time spent on Calvary and going forward one generation everyone that was involved is shown.


The first part of the Book has a Text rendition of each generation, with each major line that contributes, the Davidic, the Aaronic, The Gamala, etc...  These are all labeled the First Generation, The Second Generation, etc.... all the way to the Eighth Generation.


The next part of the book shows where all the relationships shown in charts are made, how each generation adds to the people. The regions of Galilee, Bethsaida, the Aaronic Priest, The Gamala, the Davidic. All these are in the book.


There are multiple mirrors, like twelve people named Judas and eight people or more named James.   Multiple names for Salome, Mary, Ann, Joseph, and then others.


The Second part of the book goes into more detail, and shows each name and the many mirrors in the idea that if you have such a name as James, Joseph, Salome, Ann, Mary, etc... then you might want to read these things.


Near the end of this line it starts to get into the charts combining into multiple groups of names, and then alot of charts that show the Roman Inter marriages with the Hebrews.


The names of the apostles then had many other people with the same name.  No wonder the Roman Soldier was confused !!!.  




Then the book starts to show the hidden knowledge,  the many wives of some of the hebrew,  how the Hebrew confused the people who did not know the families.   Of course everyone knows Judas Zebedee was married to Salome.  (Did they tell you he had two wives with the same name?  Salome (and that Salome means Prayer))


This Book is available now.  And you want it.   It does more to help you raise your kids and teach all about the Christian Religion.  


Buy Eight Generations That Made the Lord God.